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July 30, 2019 @ 10:07 am

Understanding the Signs, Symptoms and Treatment of Adult ADHD

ADHD, (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a condition that many people have heard often. ADD as it was known before was connected to kids who had a challenge of knowing that they are in class or even obeying rules. This condition is rampant amongst youngsters and teenagers, but its indications can extend to adulthood and stay on for life. Studies from reputed companies show that there are people who are largely affected by ADHD in their daily functions, while others show very little signs even as they grow in age.

There was a publication that several adults do not even know they have ADHD. Conversely, these adults are not even aware that their daily activities are a challenge. Scientists thought that due to the developmental changes that occur in the brain chemistry of an adolescent, scientists thought that children would outgrow it. This belief by scientists has since changed, and they now think that the large percentage of children with ADHD can go on with the condition even as they become adults.

Difficulty in being attentive, impulsiveness and restlessness are the symptoms of adults with ADHD according to some studies. People with ADHD struggle to concentrate and prioritize things. This leads to rampant cases of forgotten social plans, meeting or missed deadlines. When a person is unable to control their impulses like being impatient when driving through heavy traffic or when waiting in the line causing mood swings or anger outbursts.

The most common signs of ADHD in adults include, general disorganization, prioritizing issues, poor management skills, problems in focusing any activity or multitasking. Excessive restlessness, frequent mood swings, hot temper, poor planning, problems handling stress and finally issues following through or completing tasks are other signs of ADHD in adults.

Almost everybody has at one time, or the other battled symptoms that looked like ADHD. Identifying ADHD in adults maybe hard because there are other problems that present themselves like mood disorders or anxiety. It becomes difficult at this point because several people suffering from also have psychological problems and personality disorders like anxiety and mood disorders. There is a high likelihood they have had this problem throughout their lives.
Individuals suffering from ADHD do not know how to flow through an 9 to 5 routine or keep relationships. They could have performed badly in school more so if the condition was not managed in childhood. Now that this person has to deal with this problem for the rest of their life, it means that they could develop low self esteem. Other people with ADHD result to drugs and alcohol in their bid to manage their frustration of feelings of failure.

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